Pre-contract and Project concept development

In ACKEL Engineering Services Limited, we believe that a successful project begins with a successful project concept development. We help our clients perfect their vision by assembling experienced professional within the build profession to help fine tune their visions. These involve feasibility studies of a project on a given location and exploration of cost-effective options. Our pre-construction services go well beyond cost estimation, we also help our clients to develop a project scope and a financial plan that aligns with their budget. At Pre-contract services, our interactions with our clients allows us to appreciate our clients’ needs, their visions and their ideas. We process these inputs to generate a comprehensive clients’ brief.

  • EVALUATION OF THE PROJECT SCOPE AND PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE PROJECT COST: At this stage, we work with our clients to lay out the scope of the project and produces preliminary estimates of the project cost. We also work to ensure that our project scope aligns with our clients’ budget. We go further to help our clients with a financial plan, ensuring that their projects run smoothly.
  • VALUE ENGINEERING: Our team, with their wealth of experience incorporates functional components that provide the needed services at the lowest cost to our designs. We carefully select materials and equipment that provides the needed services, eliminating superflux components and getting the job done at the lowest possible cost.
  • GETTING THE PROPER APPROVALS: Before our projects are mobilized, we work with our clients to obtain all necessary approvals from relevant government authorities. We leverage on our contacts within these agencies to ensure that the rights procedures are followed in obtaining all relevant documents prior to our project commencement.
  • SETTING A PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE: Here our team comes up with a preliminary schedule that will identify key milestones and work flow from start to finish. All design and construction activities are clearly defined with start times and milestones.
  • PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT: We help our clients manage their procurement processes. We coordinate all preliminary designs, bill of quantities and coordinate tender processes on behalf pf our clients. Here, we leverage on our wealth of experiences in design, construction and construction management to help our clients select the most suitable vendors for their projects.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT: At precontract stage, we assess and evaluate the risks associated with our clients’ projects. From safety hazards to fluctuations in material prices, to unknow site conditions, we help our clients develop a framework for mitigating against these risks, ensuring that their projects proceed

Design and Build

At ACKEL Engineering Services Limited, our team of experts work closely with our client to understand their visions and bring them to life. From concept development to project handover, we work and walk with our clients through scope analyses, project finance planning, project execution and project closeout ensuring that our clients enjoy world class professional inputs at every project phase.

With our team of experienced professionals, we ensure that every project is completed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our reliability as we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and strive to complete every project on schedule, without compromising on quality.

One of the key aspects of our approach at ACKEL Engineering Services Limited is our individualized service. We believe in understanding the unique needs and unique preferences of clients, and tailoring our solutions to meeting the needs.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your vision is brought to life.

Construction Management:

At ACKEL Engineering Services Limited, we offer post contract construction management services to our clients. Our construction management services include:

  • Project Supervision
  • Quality Management,
  • Contract Administration,
  • Safety Management
  • Risk Evaluation.
  • Procurement Management
  • Communication management
  • Conflict Resolution

We also help maximize the resource efficiency through procurement of materials and equipment, and implement various operations through proper coordination and control. Also, we set up and manage project communication mechanisms and conflict resolution mechanisms.

Technical Support Services

At ACKEL Engineering Services Limited, we offer technical support which involves the auditing of existing projects: overview of building plans, overview of engineering infrastructure, evaluating environmental issues and issuing of recommendations. Our team carries out regulation, codes and standard verification as well as engineering specifications review.

We also provide expertise to support our clients who chose to execute their projects using a direct labour approach. We provide highly skilled workforce to undertake construction works, quality control works and general project supervision works.


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